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A heartfelt message from The Happy Trucker Show,

In case you happened to miss the news, the call letters and radio frequency that The Happy Trucker Show, The Listening Room and related daytime programming was associated with was sold last November.
We quickly made the decision not to go away and carry on with The Happy Trucker Show, our live and local programming and mission to support local artists, organizations and businesses through creative programming on an online platform. That’s right. Internet Radio!
With the help from some longtime friends and partners we were able to stay put. We’re operating from the same physical location and the studios haven’t changes much at all… Including The Listening Room!
Our (mostly) live 24/7 radio station can be streamed through our website Happyproductions.live and also on your smart speakers through various apps. (Google Home: step 1. “OK Google Enable simple radio”. Step 2 “OK Google ask simple radio to play Happy Productions Live) (Alexa- “Hey Alexa engage my tuner radio. Play Happy Productions Live).
The loyalty of you, the listeners, and select sponsors has made this transition way more smooth than I ever could have hoped for.
The reconvening of our live music series in The Listening Room and events around MN and WI is on the horizon and will be a crucial part of our programming, identity and new business plan. We look forward to making many new memories with you.
“How can you help?” you ask.
The biggest thing you can do is tune in. The more streams we have the more it validates our mission to potential sponsors. Pets LOVE our music, so feel free to keep us on for your pets while you’re away.
I also ask that you continue to support our sponsors. We are a commercial online radio station. Meaning we generate most of our operating costs through effective advertising options. The more you support our sponsors, the more value they find in utilizing their marketing budgets with Happy Productions. Even if you don’t need their services you can still show support by “Liking” their Facebook pages and sending them a message of gratitude thanking them for supporting us. If you own or manage a business and are curious how you too can market with us I’d love to talk.
We have also taken to roasting and selling amazing organic, free trade Happy Productions Coffee as a way to subsidize some of the costs associated with a start up online radio station. If you drink coffee, please try ours. Learn more about our coffee, our monthly coffee club and other cool Happy Productions merch here.
Lastly, if you don’t need advertising, cool merch like shirts, hats and stickers or coffee and you’d still like to support us and our mission you can make a monetary donation in any amount, one time or on a monthly basis at our website.
Thank You to these Happy Trucker Show sponsors. Together the future of independent radio and live music events is looking hopeful.